​Concrete Slab Repair

Slab foundations are commonly found in the Tampa region due to the forgiving warm climate in Florida. Though not typically seen in northern states, concrete slabs for residential properties in the southern states are quite normal. Though concrete slab foundations are popular and more durable in the warm Florida climate, they do require maintenance and repair. Tampa Foundation Repair is well placed to conduct these concrete slab repair jobs because we have decades of experience in the region with this type of foundation method and we know the signs and symptoms that often manifest with concrete slabs so we can assist property owners with small repairs before they become complex jobs that take a great deal of time and more resources than you anticipated.

Professional Assessment

Tampa Foundation Repair has decades of knowledge and training to provide clients with an accurate assessment of why their concrete slab needs repair. Foundation problems happen for a number or reasons and our foundation experts can look at a foundation and detect if it has a plumbing leak that may be creating an unleveled floor. There are several common problems such as foundation cracks, that happen because the soil has settled, which can also cause what is called upheaval. This issue is the opposite of settling and issues of foundation shifting also happens over a long period of time and is typically found when you see cracks in your walls and outside bricks of your home. There are a host of other signs that a professional assessment will detect that can create a strategy for early prevention and repair.

Causes for Repair

Your concrete slab may need repair for a variety of reasons, but it’s typically because the soil underneath has shifted and moved around the foundation and it is not longer properly positions to hold the weight of your home. This phenomenon can cause structural damage to your home because weight is not evenly distributed. At first, it might seem like a minor problem your facing but over time, you will find you have a more complex and deeper problems that may take more of your resources to repair if not treated or prevented in early stages of damage.

Professional Expertise

Tampa Foundation Repair has a well proven track record for concrete slab repair. Our decades of experience working with countless clients to repair cracked foundations have provided us with a reputation for stellar workmanship and knowledge of a variety of repair methods using state of the art methods that are efficient and accurate for the type of damage your home is experiencing. When your home is experiencing settling, it’s not always detectable until there is extensive damage so it’s far better to allow a foundation expert to inspect your property, which can save you time and money.

Why Hire Us

Whether your home is experiencing settling soil or it was designed with faulty construction, we can assist you in making accurate concrete slab repairs that are affordable and fair market value. We understand that your home is a value investment and home improvement repairs are critical to maintaining and increasing its value. As a result, we provide concrete repair workmanship you can trust.