We’re partnered with LRE Foundation Repair, LLC to provide you with exceptional residential and commercial foundation repair services for Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas.

Taking care of a home is a big job and when your foundation is in need of repair, it’s not a task that a do-it-yourself blog or vlog can help you accomplish expertly or accurately. Perhaps your home is settling and you notice some sagging or you think a sinkhole is about to cave in near your front door and swallow your car. What you need is a professional foundation repair company that uses state of the art methods of repair and had a host of prevention strategies to solve future
problems that lead to big expensive repairs. Tampa Foundation Repair is a leading repair company in the region that offers accurate and efficient foundation repair for your residential and commercial property.

​About Us

We are a foundation repair expert company that performs affordable repairs with high quality materials. When you have need of seawall repair, sinkhole repairs, foundation cracks, or settling problems, we supply you with the best foundation repair contractors in the region. As leaders in the industry we have a stellar reputation you can trust to make accurate repairs that are efficient and durable. We offer clients well-proven methods of repair with state of the art equipment. Tampa Foundation Repair is well placed to provide you with a full suite of services you can depend on to protect your home from further foundation damage.

​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • In the 8,000-plus projects completed for residential and commercial property owners since 1989, we have a zero failure rating.
  • We specialize in new construction foundation supports and foundation repairs of all types.
  • Our foundation experts will not only recommend the right solution to your problem, but will also provide service that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Financing Available through Greensky and Enerbank.
  • Referral Program for the following services
    • Foundation Repair
    • Crawl Space Repair and/or Encapsulation
    • Concrete Lifting and Leveling
    • Concrete Services
    • ​Exterior Drainage Solutions
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty
  • 25 Year Limited Product Warranty​
  • Free Foundation Repair Consultation or Estimate
  • Utilizing solutions such as helical pier and anchor systems, push pier systems, and wall anchoring systems, We have the experience, expertise and products to fix foundation structural problems including:
  • Bowing and leaning basement walls
  • Settling of heavy structures such as large homes, offices and apartment buildings
  • Settling of light structures such as decks, stoops and porches
  • Failing retaining walls
  • Settling columns in crawl spaces

​If you’re seeking highly trained professional foundation repair and long term durable solutions that are accurate for your particularly property, Tampa Foundation Repair is the leading company you can trust to provide those answers. Cracks and fissures take a toll on your foundation and you can ill afford to delay making those repairs when water and moisture can wreak havoc. Call our team and we can repair a host of issues on your property that include: foundation cracks, foundation settlement repair, cracked concrete slab, sinkhole repair and a host of other foundation problems.

Concrete Slab Repair

Crawlspace and Pier & Beam Repair

Drainage Services

Concrete slab foundations are commonplace in the Tampa region due to the warm Florida climate. These are not constructions that are normally in the North because of concrete’s inability to expand during extreme cold and hot temperatures. But in Tampa concrete is a good material that is durable but it does need maintenance and repairs to remain intact. Tampa Foundation Repair performs these repairs with superior workmanship. We have decades of experience and a highly skilled team of experts who can answer all your questions about concrete slab repair.
When you need an experienced foundation repair expert to evaluate your crawlspace, pier and beams, there is no other team in Tampa that has the decades of experience to know when moisture and mold can wreak havoc on your home. We provide high quality workmanship to ensure that water damages are fully and accurate repaired to keep your foundation safe and secure from further damage problems. We have skill and experience you’re seeking to prevent your crawlspace, pier and beams from experience grave water damage.
Your drain problems can be solved when you call the leading service in the Tampa region. Do-it-yourself methods might seem like a good idea but we offer a full suite of services that are accurate the first time and get to the bottom of your drainage problems. Tampa Foundation Repair has decades of experience and an expert team that has years of training and uses well proven methods for all your drainage problems.


Seawall & Retaining Wall Repair

Sinkhole Remediation

Water and moisture can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and lead to serious structure problems. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of foundation damage, but Tampa Foundation Repair has a number of waterproofing strategies that can save your residential or commercial property from serious damages from water and moisture. These are issues that create mildew and mold, which also causes health issues for many inhabitants. But you can regain peace of mind when your call upon our team of experts for waterproofing.
Seawalls and retaining walls protect your home and property from severe weather and waves that Tampa is famous for when you live near the waterfront. It’s a measure of protection you can ill afford to delay repairing when there is damage. Our team and provide you with expert assessment to repair your seawall so that strong waves and flooding do not overtake your property.
A sinkhole is not a phenomenon you ever thought you would need to deal with on your property. It’s one of those issues that look as if it’s from a science fiction movie. It’s not a typical occurrence but it does happen in properties in the Tampa region and you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms that create sinkholes. We have decades of experience and skill to assess your property for future problems with sinkholes and we possess state of the art equipment to refill the holes to make your property safe once again.


Calling a foundation repair service should not be a confusing or overwhelming ordeal that you avoid. Nor should you experience no response when you reach out for help or delays to your inquiries. Whether you reach out to Tampa Foundation Repair by social media or by phone, online messaging or text messages, we offer clients a rapid response and professional expertise. We understand that your home in a valuable investment and foundation repairs are a critical task for home improvement and to retain or increase your home’s market value. When you’re seeking a trusted and reliable foundation repair company that offers a full suite of services you can rely on to be accurately repaired the first time around, you don’t need to look any further than our expertise.

​“We just bought our first home and we needed extensive repairs on the foundation to live in it safely and Tampa Foundation Repair offered the best price for the work we needed done. We highly recommend them as a service.” – Jean T.

“We didn’t understand how a sinkhole appeared in our backyard without us knowing it was coming. It was simply awful, but Tampa came and surveyed the area, filled the hole and really took time with us to answer all of our questions. ” – Wuzi W.

​“We needed our seawall repaired. We thought it would be a minor fix, but we discovered it had eroded worse than we thought after years of storms and water. Tampa really came through for us and built up the seawall again and we feel very safe again” – Precious H.