​Crawlspace and Pier and Beam Repair

Crawlspaces are not areas of a home that most owners probably think about too often unless there is a sign that something is wrong in them. But when problems do exist, they can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and Tampa Foundation Repair provide the solutions for repairs that you need for your crawlspace, pier and beams. With our decades of experience and skill, you can feel confident that your home will be protected from the damages that moisture, mildew and standing water can cause in these areas that if left untreated will create extensive damage.

Water Damage

If you have leaks around your foundation, it may be the result of standing water caused by poor drainage. It’s a recipe for disaster that will invite mold and mildew to settle into your crawlspace and damage and eventually weaken your foundation. Moisture is an archenemy of crawlspaces, piers and beam and when it accumulates the humidity it creates will cause mildew on your walls, ruin your lovely painted walls, cause musty smells and cause you to even develop health problems like respiratory infections. Over time, your entire house will be affected by moisture if left untreated.

The Cost of Energy

You will probably notice your electric bill inching up beyond what you typically pay each month when you have crawlspace issues that may be the result of high humidity and moisture. Your heating and air conditioning unit is likely working overtime and it takes much more energy to cool down you home, which thereby creates bigger energy bills. This is why it is imperative to use a professional foundation expert who can provide you with efficient repairs, which are far different than the needs of concrete slab foundation repairs.

Professional Expertise

When you have crawlspace, pier and beam repair issues in your home, you need professional expertise and accurate solutions. Every home has different needs, whether you own a vintage home or a new build with moisture problems, we develop a customized solution to your problems that are unique to your property. As trained and experience foundation experts, we possess a wealth of knowledge that provides you with excellent workmanship and attention to detail as well as the use of high quality building materials with state of the art equipment. We understand that repairing these issues under your home are critical to the market value of your home and imperative for the health of you and your family.

Why Hire Us

You may think because your crawlspace, pier and beams are out of your line of sight everyday that it’s not a big deal to delay repairs to these areas of your home. But it’s imperative to consider the protection of your family and the safety of your home because these areas are the main support for your home. When they suffer from damp, mold and moisture, you are likely to suffer health problems and over time the structural damage to your home will be significant can cost you a great deal of time and money on repairs to extensive damage.